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To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals at your OWN pace




Get set for summer with a fitness challenge that helps lose weight, tone and whip you into a beach-ready state of mind.

Introducing PMF &Fit by Ravissant’sSummerbody Transformation Challenge from May 15th – June 11th

You want to look fit to go on the beach with the perfect body, instead mostly you are sitting at the edge of the pool in full clothing?  Will this summer be different for you? Well, what’s holding you back?

  • Do you struggle to find a comfortable time to work out?
  • Do you feel hungry for food all the time?
  • Do you look weak after following a diet?
  • Do you feel a lack of quality guidance to achieve your goals?
  • Do you feel not being toned after doing hours of cardio?

This challenge is perfect for those looking to get back into shape for the summer holidays. I believe there’s no better time to take out your swimsuit than summer, so Why not make it This Summer? It is the perfect time for you to start focusing on your fitness and nutrition.

Are you one of those people that will always procrastinate? Do you tell yourself that next week or next month or next Monday will be the day that you are going to make a change and get the body you deserve?

Well, it’s time to stop!

It is time to take some serious action. Joining our Summer Body Transformation Challenge is the perfect way to jump-start your results and ensure that you reach your goals.


Why is this contest perfect for you?

To be honest: because everyone needs help ! Doing this alone is too hard and takes a lot of time. We’ve all seen it numerous times: Someone will want to change their body so they’ll buy a membership to a gym, follow an app with one workout for all or buy a workout DVD.  They will work hard for a few weeks and then… They quickly discover that reaching their fitness goals means more than just workouts and a generic meal plan.

  • You often need outside motivation to push through the hard times.
  • You benefit tremendously from accountability provided by your coaches and fellowtransformation challengers to stay on track to reaching your goals.
  • You need to know exactly what exercises to do and how to do them.
  • You need to know exactly what and how much to eat.

That is EXACTLY what we provide at PMF…and exactly what we’ll provide with our Online Transformation Challenge. When you join, you will:

Get a nutrition plan that is simple and easy to follow.
Get 4 weeks of Workout schedule on the PMF Training app (check how the app works)and every Sunday a group sessionof the challengers at Fit Gym By Ravissant(LOCATION ON MAP).

Get “no equipment required”, at home training programs written by certified, world class coaches.  Each exercise will be having a video of that exercise…so there’s absolutely no guess work!  Perfect for folks who can’t make to the gym.
Get “at the gym” training programs written by certified, world class coaches.  Each exercise will be having to a video of that exercise…so there’s absolutely no guess work!  Perfect for folks who like an even wider variety of exercises and can get to the gym.
Get online support from our certified coaches.
Stop wasting time on useless diets and training programs that leave you hungry and tired all the time
Build a strong, lean, toned muscles to give you the athletic look you want and gain confidence physically, mentally and emotionally
Drop inches off your belly, hips, thighs and all those other trouble spotsAnd Much, Much More!

Do you want to be a part of it? There is nothing holding you back from getting in the best shape of your life.  You can workout on YOUR schedule at home or at the gym or even while you are travelling.  All you have to do is join our Transformation Contest that starts on May 15th and put our program to work for you. In the Summer Transformation Contest, you will get:

  • A nutrition manual
  • No equipment required, at home workouts with videos of exercises
  • Gym workouts with videos of exercises
  • Cardio Program
  • Lifestyle direction
  • Daily Email tips
  • Dine out guide
  • Closed Facebook Group for challengers
  • Online support
  • Unlimited access to coach through email and Facebook
  • The opportunity to CHANGE YOUR BODY & LIFESTYLE!





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