So...How does my online coaching work?



Your Personal Dashboard

Get a complete overview of your workouts, cardio, weight, photos and access the messaging system all from your dashboard.



Calendar View

See all the workouts you've done and the ones you've got coming up in calendar view in the app. Never miss a workout, and see how far you've come.




Track Your Workouts In The App

Track your reps, sets and weight as you workout and see yourself getting stronger in real time.

You can also see exercise videos of your workouts and what you lifted in previous workouts to remove all guess work.


Track Cardio

Track cardio, not just your strength training.

Access the all important stats to make sure you're not only getting stronger, but fitter too.




Stay Motivated

After you finish a workout, the app add it to your total and show you. A great tool for staying motivated.

Sounds good? Let me tell you some benefits you'll get!

  • Don’t have to fit the trainer’s schedule as much
  • It's more affordable
  • You can meet your trainer anywhere, anytime via the Internet
  • Video assistance at the click of a button. You can watch it as many times as you want
  • Your sessions take just as long as they need to. No longer, no shorter.No wasting time. The session time is moulded to your goals.
  • Online trainers don’t always work 12-14 hour days, meaning they’re usually “fresh” when you talk to them. This results in better feedback and coaching

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