Performance plays a major role to get you ready physically and mentally to perform your best in all the  fitness and sporting events you are involved in as well as your activities of daily living.


Movement helps you move better throughout the day and promote healthy active living making sure you are moving without aggravating an existing pain but subsiding it.


Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports.


Ready to Transform YOURSELF this SUMMER?


My goal is to help you achieve the body you want which can perform faster, move better and is functionally fit!

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About Me

mukul nagpaul

A former national level Badminton player, and all round active  there’s no surprise is his current area of expertise. Be it sport, or just a consistent physically active life, his current career choices have seen a natural progression.

Early in his life, with a fascination for what it takes to build an athlete, the idea of being the prime motivator in helping people achieve fitness goals made him realise his current career path. New to the industry, he placed faith in a local trainer, suffered a sports related injury and decided to delve deeper into sport sciences so no one would suffer the same misfortune.

A part time fitness instructor career, MBA entrance exams and the realisation of his true calling later, he dedicated a 100 percent of himself to fitness and all things related. And that’s just what he will expect out of you.

What will he give in return? A fully customised, tailor-made workout and nutrition plan to fit your current lifestyle choices, dietary restrictions and worry not, biggest weaknesses. Every individual is different, and this truth is the basis of his fitness training style.

Mukul learnt early on, in a fairly nascent industry, the importance of innovation. He made himself the subject of experimentation, figured out what worked and went on to be certified to make educated, scientifically backed decisions. So you know you’re in excellent hands, albeit firm ones. Metaphorically.

His forte is women, and his client base comprises primarily women, given his extensive experience and specialisation in understanding the Indian woman body type, a conducive nutritional ecosystem, and movement that sits well with target areas for the quintessential body type. He is also the first trainer in India to be certified to be an online trainer, so don’t let the lack of proximity thwart fitness goals.

All he asks is you show up, whether online or in person. Given the general stereotypes personal trainers have to combat, this one in particular aims at baby steps of progress. You will make changes one at a time, until a habit is formed. Also know he’s watching, and most of his inferences are based on personal observation. So you can be sure of results.

His training style includes core and posture training, to which he will gradually add bodyweight, strength, mat work and functional exercises to deliver a comprehensive workout structure. All your style has to include is dedication and a commitment to realising collectively decided goals.

He aims to empower at least a million people, have them be physically and mentally healthy, encourage body positivity and all round massive love.

Here’s to performing better, moving better and all round being functionally fit.

My Certifications



Murali Kartik

(Former Indian Cricketer)

I had the opportunity to train with Mukul on a couple of occasions and I must say that having worked with so many outstanding international trainers over my cricketing career his knowledge is as good as it comes when compared to the best in the world of physical training. He knew exactly what I wanted and set out to achieve in my sessions and helped me and pushed me in exact accordance.I once again thank him for his efforts with me and sometimes wish that he was training me regularly.Cheers Mukul!

Malini Ramani

(ACE Fashion designer)

Mukul has been my trainer for over 3 years now.
I look forward to my sessions with him and he has become a friend and the work-outs are always fun!
He is always very encouraging and motivates me ...without being harsh.
I like the way he mixes up the work outs every time. It's always a surprise. There is a funky hip-hop dance move that he makes me do and we crack up laughing. 
Every session has a nice balance of cardio- weights- TRX - and all kinds of other things that I don't know the proper terms for. Mukul pushes me just the right amount...there is no fear of getting injured. 
I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit and feel good all through their workout!
I walk out of each of Mukul s sessions with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

Richa Kaura

(Editor at Indiaopines)

Mukul Nagpaul is an excellent coach and was critical in my physical transformation under his guidance. He has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. His pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to his willingness to work with his clients at their own levels and motivate them to achieve greatly improved levels of both fitness levels and over all wellness. 
He designed a fitness and nutrition regime for me that took into account my injures and goals. I achieved these goals injury free and with significant fat loss. Mukul constantly endeavored to tweak and improve my regime for maximum benefits. Mukul instills great confidence in his clients and his constant encouragement makes you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. His own physical transformation to even higher levels of fitness was greatly inspiring.
I have been extremely happy in my association with Mukul, and would recommend him highly to anyone interested in improving their overall physical and mental well being.

Vedika Kumar

(A student at NYU)

I have trained with Mukul Nagpal for a year. I was a dancer and had a patella knee dislocation and started my training as rehab, but progressed tremendously over the course of the year. Mukul has very in depth knowledge of how the body works and how each body part responds to a certain exercise. He Knew exactly when to push me harder in my training and when to take a step back so that it does not stress out my knee. In just a year I can say my knee has recovered completely, and I moved on to more strenuous exercises using my core, back, and arms and even started dancing.Mukul is also a very enthusiastic trainer and his energy always made me want to work out more. He illustrated all the exercises really well, and kept things interesting by giving variations of all the exercises. He’s an excellent trainer and also establishes a great personal connection with all his trainees. Overall I would give Mukul an A+.

Nikhil Dhand


Hey people.. I am here to share my bit of experience with this wonder guy Mukul.. I have been into fitness since college .. But then as I got into work routine, my work consumed me all. I did not have time or energy to exercise, so I would often be very negative.. Slowly it turned 4 years into work n my life sucked big-time. Now frustrations were at an all time high n I lost a lot of weight. Lostconfidence. I met Mukul, being my childhood from ,motivated me to just begin with online training with him. The trainers in my city lacked proper certified knowledge,which is quite a requirement now or you might injure yourself somehow. The idea of online training was exciting. We did start slow n within a period of 3 months we did some progress.. N now I was enjoying it. His workouts were really interesting and he kept changing them in a few weeks, so I was always hooked to it. A time came when we worked really hard into our exercises n nutrition that I gained 10kgs of lean muscle mass in a total of 8 months. I was totally ripped. Now this was impressing and couldn't have happened without proper expertise. This guy is full of immense knowledge of what he does. My sorrows changed into wonderful moments and a life that was never so confident before. I became more workaholic then I was ever before. Exercising does make u mentally healthy. N it worked for me.. I wanna thank Mukul for his amazing help and availability at all times. And I wish him luck for his coming ventures. Kudos to you brother. I am gonna follow you till we create something world class.

Anandita Prabhaker
(CRM at a corporate firm)

I started working out with Mukul as a New Years resolution which he made for me.He wanted me to transform into someone who I always thought to be but could never go eve close to. And after training online with him for almost 3 months regularly I can scream and say that he is the best mentor/ fitness expert/ guide one could ask for .He put me on a plan which required me to exercise daily twice andgive up on all my favourite foods. Of course there we're days when I wanted to give up and have that brownie , but Mukul continuously motivated me . Everyday , every minute . He made working out fun for me . I learnt something new everyday which kept me going . And finally I reached the goal I started for . If you're training with Mukul , things guaranteed are- motivation , fun workouts , strictness , goal - achieving and a super healthy lifestyle . As I always say.. I thank god for you Mukul ! Keep shining.

Shweta Ahuja

(Sales Manager at a corporate firm)

I always had trouble losing weight and even though i used to workout and do crash dieting,i would loose some kilos and then will regain it again causing a lot of frustration to me and eventually i started to accept that i will stay fat forever which made me loose my self confidenc.That time Mukul had gone through a body transformation,which gave me some motivation and he started training me Online.First i was skeptical of Online training but the system was super smooth with daily reminders and easy to follow workout videos and he was always in touch with me so i never felt any lack of attention.After my transformation that too in 12 weeks, i am a different person altogether with lots of self confidence ,which has helped me to excel in my professional and personal life.Thanks MUKUL.

Gauri Karan

(ACE Fashion designer)

Mukul Nagpal has been training me at Sumaya and he is super! He's great at gauging your level of strength, stamina your weak points, understands your problem areas and tailor makes your workout in a way that's challenging and takes you the next level without pushing you so hard you're left exhausted. In other words it's throughly enjoyable, full of surprises and leaves you feeling energetic, fit and happy! Moreover he's a great and positive person who's always fun to train with. Thank you Mukul. 

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